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You know what they say about hair; Gorgeous hair is the best revenge. Oh yes, when you have fabulous looking hair you gain self-confidence!

Simply flipping it around or passing your fingers through it flawlessly can make people stare in awe and be impressed.

On the contrary, if you’re going bald in places or you’ve unfortunately had a really bad haircut, you can instantly feel insecure about yourself and lose self-assurance.

how to grow hair faster naturally

Thereby, you need some tricks and tips up your sleeve on how to grow hair faster naturally.

1. Remember that it’s not magic:

How to grow long hair in a week is a question we cannot answer because hair growth isn’t magic and the time it takes for those locks to grow depends on your own genetic makeup and hair type.

2. Start eating healthy:

If you’re only hoarding junk food and missing out on the staples, you can definitely damage your hair. Proteins are amazing for your hair so make sure that your diet is balanced.

eating healthy

3. Water is a life saver:

While we cannot survive without water, nor can hair. Plentiful of water will keep your skin and your hair follicles hydrated, making sure that your hair grows well and beautiful.

4. Herbal oils:

Natural hair growth tips include oil massages in your hair. Olive oil, castor oil and even coconut oil can help your hair grow fast by stimulation of the hair follicles from the roots all the while keeping it glossy and gorgeous. Use your fingers to softly massage your scalp with the warm oil in slow, rounded motions.

herbal oil for hairs

5. Hair supplements:

Yes, they exist. After consultation from your physician or hair stylist, you can either consume these supplement tablets or crush them and apply them in your hair.

6. Braid it up:

As old as the tales go, women are told to braid their hair at night to keep it together and tied. This also helps it to grow faster naturally!

7. Flip it over:

This is as easy as it gets. Just flip over your hair for a couple of minutes every day, that’ll keep the circulation of blood flowing over your hair follicles improving the oxygen and nutrition supply so that hair grows well.

8. Let the stress go:

It is important to make sure that your mind is relaxed and absolutely stress free to maintain your mental health and thus your hair.

9. Use conditioners always:

Conditioners should always be a part of your hair care routine.They have the necessary chemicals that can make your hair grow better.

hair conditioners

10. For the men out there:

How to grow hair faster for men is also the same as women but there are a few things men must note. Do not shampoo too much because that can damage hair follicles. How to grow hair longer for men is also easy because they need to eat better and you know men love to eat.!

So there you have a whole of ways you can help hair growth; when you will look good you will feel good!

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