21 Top Natural Home Remedies for Treating Athlete’s Foot

Many of us take foot and ankle injury as an ordinary thing! The foot is one of the most critical parts of the body. It is on the foot that the whole weight of the body depends. If you have ever trapped yourself in foot injuries, then reading out this blog post will turn out to be much interesting and helpful for you.

Home Remedies For Athlete’s Foot

List of Common Causes of Foot and Ankle Pain Injuries:

There are so many minor or significant levels of reasons that are responsible for giving you foot and ankle injuries.  Some of the common causes as mentioned below:

  • It can occur because of the abnormal warm-up conditions.
  • It can take place at the time of hard or intense level of workout too.
  • If you are wearing the incorrect size of the footwear then causing foot and ankle injury is much common as well.
  • Playing over the hard surfaces is common to have foot and ankle injuries.

Home Remedy For Athlete’s Foot

How Foot and Ankle Injuries Takes Place? 

As you get into the foot and ankle injuries, then first of all the doctor will try to identify the primary cause of the injury appearance! Foot pain takes place as because of the internal foot problems that have to treated as immediately as possible.

Foot and ankle injuries start from forefoot and reach the point of the foot or the toes. Girls can face foot and ankle pain as because of wearing high heels all the time.  

The forefoot is the front portion of the foot. Foot pain will take place as because of arthritis, especially osteoarthritis and gout. Obesity or overweight can sometimes consider as one of the primary reasons behind the foot pain. At the time of pregnancy, duration women can get into the conditions of swollen feet paint because of overweight.

What to Know About Turf Toe?

Do you know what turf toe is? It defined as the athletic foot injury in which the big toe tendon gets injured. Foot pain can probably be taking place as because of accidents or some other kind of the diseases. Patients with diabetes commonly found with the foot and ankle pain issues.

Exercises have always remained one of the primary ways out to deal with foot and ankle problems efficiently.

Is It Possible to Have Skin Cancer of the Foot and Ankle? 

Skin cancer ailment that does happen to come over with body parts of legs or even the ankles and feet are mentioned to be one of the most neglected cancer diseases.  It has put into the learning that almost 90% of the skin cancer form of attacks at the sun-exposed skin that has been just over the body areas of face, neck, ears, forearms, and hands.

But there is an alarming risk to face the skin cancer at the body areas of legs or the ankles and over the feet parts.

How Sun Exposure Cause Skin Cancer? 

Sun is accountable regarding causing with the skin cancer as for the reason of the overexposure over the sunlight that will at the end of the day be damaging the top layer, or even the epidermis of the skin.

The most dangerous form of the skin cancer is mentioned out to be the known as the name of melanoma.  

Essential Guidelines for Skin Cancer of the Foot and Ankle:

You should not be giving an outlook over the moles of the skin lesions. You should be making it get all checked on the timeline of the weekly basis. You can often consider away as using with the sun blocks as to protect the exposed set of the skin for the duration of the winter season.   

These colors are all set with the uneven distribution. They have the diameter that is wide than the pencil eraser.

Top Natural Home Remedies for Treating Athlete’s Foot:

Most of the time you are actively involved straight away into the sports, and extracurricular outdoor activities than getting into the methods of the foot and ankle injuries are much typical for the men and women.  

You can easily get trapped in the ankle and foot injuries at the time of running or playing soccer and tennis. But you can reduce the risk of the ankle and foot injuries by taking some precautionary measures by your side.

How To Cure Athlete’s Foot at Home Fast

1: Keep Body Warm-Up

body warm up

You should keep the body warmed up and relaxed all the time. You should be doing jogging at least 2-3 minutes in the whole to warm up the muscles. You should not be stretching much using bouncing motion.

2: Increase Physical Activities

You should know that whether your body muscles are in a condition to do sports or not. You should gradually be increasing the amount of activity spent on the games with the passage of time. It will help you to build the muscles on the strength and mobility timeline basis. Cross-training exercises will help to sustain the muscle power.

3: Choose Right Athletic Shoes

You should make the selection of the athletic shoes as according to your foot type. It is very much necessary.  If you have low arches, then you need to get into the support of both the front portion of the shoe and so as under the dome. The heel and so as the heel counter that has located at the back of the shoe has to be very stable.

Athletic Shoes

On the other side, the individuals with the stiffer form of foot or high form of arches have to be carried out with the selection of the shoes that set with the more cushion and so as the softer set of the platform.

Home Remedies For Athlete’s Foot

4: Replacing Tear Athletic Shoes

You should be immediately being replacing the athletic shoes at the time when the tread wears out or even the condition of the heels that have worn down. You should return the shoes approximately every six months and possible after three months if you an avid runner.

5: Avoid Running at Uneven and Sloppy Surfaces

Uneven Surfaces

You should overlook running or step at some of the uneven and sloppy surfaces. You need to stay back much careful over the rocky terrain or even over the hills using loose gravel.

6: Do Athlete Foot Exercises at Home

We will make you suggest with bent knee stretch exercise plan as well. This exercise will stretch the soleus that is one of the muscles as located over the calf. This exercise will make you stand in front of the solid wall.

You will be going to out your arms to lean against the wall. You have to stay in this posture for around 30 seconds. You can perform this exercise as three times a day. Similarly, we have ankle pump down practice for you!  This exercise is responsible for increasing the ankle plantar flexion. It helps to strengthen the muscles that are located just as at the back of the lower leg.

You can perform this exercise as by pushing the foot down to give away the feeling as if you are trying to point your toes toward the floor. You have to stay in this posture for around 10 seconds. You can perform this exercise as three times a day.

7: Enhance your Treadmill Power

You should be having complete control over your balancing mode when you are working on the treadmill in your diet plans. If you do feel that at some spot, you are out of balance, then you should be lowering the intensity level of the machine.

8: Do Most of the Walks

You should put yourself in the habit of doing the maximum treadmill for walking for the weight loss in the quick weight loss. For this reason, it is essential that you should be increasing your walking intensity power. You should search for the hills to walk on.

9: Walk 100 Steps At Work

It is not essential that you should stick to just one exercise of your daily routine. You should be undergoing various activities to boost your skills of losing the weight. You should be walking around while listening to a call instead of sitting in one place. It is one of the most important tricks to lose weight fast.

10: Use Tea Tree Oil

You can also make the use of the tea tree oil that can use for the treatment of the athlete’s foot. You can add on with the 40 Drops of Organic Tea Tree Oil straight into the foot bath and hence then you can soak your feet for around 10 minutes.

Just as after soaking, you should be drying the feet, and then you have to massage it over the foot. You need to make it apply straightforward on the affected set of the areas. It will remove off the fungus on the infested areas.

12: Corn Starch and Baking Soda

You can also sprinkle your toes all through a little bit use of the organic corn starch or even the baking soda just as before putting right on your socks in the morning.  It would not be stepping away from the itch, but it would be helping you as to soak up the moisture.

The baking soda of the shoes hence would be absorbing away the not-so-pleasant sweaty foot over the smell.

Home Remedies For Athlete’s Foot Apple Cider Vinegar

13: Apple cider vinegar and Healthy Himalayan crystal salt

Apple cider vinegar

You can treat your athlete foot best all through the apple cider vinegar and also the mixture of crystal salt. You can consider on as mixing around the ½ set of the cup about the apple cider, all along with the almost two small tablespoons of the crystal salt, plus the little bit amount of the warm water. You can also soak away your feet as about duration of around 10 minutes.

14:  Kick Off Those Shoes (And Socks!)

One of the main reasons why your athlete’s foot is not healing is because you are not letting your feet breathe. Since this infection thrives on in a damp environment, they need as much air as possible to breathe.

Wearing open toe shoes and sandals can solve your issues to a great extent. While your feet may look a little bit unappealing to the others, yet it is a sacrifice worth giving.

Athlete’s Foot Hydrogen Peroxide

15: Soak Your Feet in Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen per oxide is known for its anti-fungal properties, so soaking your feet in it can be really beneficial. Take a pint of 3% of hydrogen per oxide and a gallon of distilled lukewarm water. Mix these two solutions together in a tub and soak your feet in it twice a day for 25 to 30 minutes.

One you take out your feet, make sure to pat them dry completely with a damp towel. After a few days of trying out this remedy, you will notice the fungus which is present on and around your nails falling off and your feet getting better than before.

16: Use Baking Soda

You can literally use baking soda all the time with this nasty infection. Simply sprinkle some of it on your feet or in your socks before wearing them. You can also scatter some in your shoes as well to reduce the intensity of the fungal infection.

Baking Soda for feet

You can also prepare a paste with baking soda and apply it on your feet.

Take 3 parts of baking soda for 1 part of cold water. Clean and pat dry your feet and apply the paste on them while moving your fingers in a circular motion. Leave it on until the paste gets completely dry. Wash your feet once again and pat them dry completely.

17: Massage Some Cornstarch

Since athlete’s foot thrives under wet conditions, using cornstarch for healing them is probably one of the best solutions ever. This is because cornstarch is proven to be as one of the best absorbents of moisturizers.

Take half cup to1 cup of corn starch and dry roast it in a pan until it becomes brown. Wash your feet and sprinkle the cornstarch on them. Leave it one 10 to 15 minutes and dust it off with a tissue paper.

18: Soak Your Feet in a PVPI Solution

PVPI or Povidone-Iodine solution is a chemical mixture which is highly effective against different bruises and wounds. It stops any kind of infection from spreading. It is also known to prevent the growth of any kind of existing bacteria.

So whether you have got athlete’s foot, a yeast infection or a mold, a PVPI solution is the best treatment option available. However, you should not try this remedy if you are a pregnant or a lactating mother.

Take a large tub and fill it quarter way up with warm water. Add in 2 caps full of the PVPI solution and mix. Soak your feet in the solution twice a day, every time for no less than 20 minutes. Dry your feet dry with a clean towel.

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19: Maintain a Good Hygiene

No matter how many remedies you use, if you do not maintain good hygiene habits, then you are not likely to heal completely from your athlete’s foot.

For this purpose wash your feet with soap and pat it dry completely twice a day. You do not have to go and buy all those fancy soaps; a regular one would do a great job. Just never leave your skin wet, otherwise your infection will spread further.

20: Wash Your Feet with Lemon Juice

washing feet with lemon

Athlete’s foot can make your feet stench. The smell can be quite unpleasant and it may annoy you a lot. For getting rid of the issue of your feet smelling really bad, dissolve half a cup of lemon juice in 10 cups of water. Soak your feet in this solution daily for 15 minutes. You can repeat this procedure twice a day.

21: Try Not to Spread the Infection

Athlete’s foot is highly contagious. It can actually spread like fire if you do not adopt proper measures. For this purpose always wash your hands after they come in contact with your feet. Always wash your socks after one wear.

Keep your towels separate from the others. Also, wash them every other day to stop the infection from spreading. Keep your shoes in direct sunlight so that whatever dampness is present in them is removed.

Before you head towards the massage treatments for your athlete foot treatment, it is essential to learn about different types of the massage therapy treatments meant for you.

As we all know that the primary purpose of the massage therapy is all about giving the body and muscle tissues with the comfort zone. It does reduce the stress on the body as well. Below we will be discussing some of the significant and essential types of massage therapy athlete foot categories for you!

Foot Massages For Athlete’s Foot

1. Swedish Massage

Into this category of the message, the therapy professionally does consider making the use of long, plus the gliding strokes, as well as kneads, and circular motions. It would be playing an essential role in reducing the tension right from the muscles. It will also used as in boosting with the circulation throughout the body.

To relax your moderate pressure in the back and shoulders, choosing Swedish Massage is the best idea. After the first session, you will encounter a calm and soothing experience in your muscles.

The circular movement of the massage treatment will be targeting the thick layers of the tissue. It can come about to be useful for the people who are recovering from an injury.

2. Deep-tissue Massage

  • Second, of the list is the deep tissue massage. This massage treatment is vitally important to relax down the tension in the deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascial.
  • It does consider making the use of intense level of the kneading techniques.
  • It is excellent as meant for the chronic releasing tension and also brings about the improvement in the range of motion.
  • For the chronic pain and aches treatment, deep tissue massage is the perfect option.

3. Hot Stone Massage

In the treatment of hot stone massage, the therapist does consider placing the heated basalt stones on top of the back. It will be helpful as in melting the tight areas. It does improve the blood flow. It is best to treat the suffered trouble spot areas of the body.

This massage will be reducing the cortisol level inside the human body to about 50%.  The high amount of the serotonin and dopamine can often help you to balance your mood.

4. Sports Massage

  • Sports massage is another one of the most effective types of the massage therapies for you. It mainly meant for the athletes in mind.
  • This massage treatment is one of the essential variations found in the Swedish massage.
  • It will be all aiming at addressing the areas of ache.
  • It will also be relaxing the people who are in recovery stages from stress or injury.
  • It plays a vital role in giving betterment in the motion or the improvement of the performance.  
  • To keep your body in better condition against sports and workout, choosing sports massage is the best alternative.

5. Shiatsu Massage

Last on our list; we will be adding upon with the name of shiatsu massage! It is a Japanese style of the massage treatment. It all aims at removing off the blockage that would allow the body to stay in force.  

It does settle down the involvement of different kinds of the techniques that meant for elbows or knees as well as feet portions. It does reduce the tension from the back, joints, and limbs. It is an excellent form of the type as it promotes the circulation of the blood and production of oxytocin.

Shiatsu Massage

Furthermore, the therapy of massage will be giving your body out with the flexible approaches too.  Aging can tighten the joints that will reduce the flexibility of the body as well.

You can give your bones with the sense of comfort through the massage therapy treatments. It will be paying much of the attention on the joints as well as tendons and ligaments along with kneading muscles too.

We hope that this blog post would have clear you mind much related to the learning of different home remedies that are best and natural categorized for the athlete foot treatment.

To get the more clear detailed definition of both of them, consult your doctor therapist right now! We did even explain the home massage treatments that are significant much in the treatment of the athlete’s foot easily.

So let’s treat your athlete foot right now!


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