Best Sports Headphones With Mic (Definitive Guide)

Nowadays, headphone manufacture companies are concentrating on making headphones for an active lifestyle.

These headphones give a secure fit, long time comfort, sweat and grime residence. A mic is also the necessary part of a pair of earphones because we get hundreds of important calls in a day. So many sport headphones models provide a microphone to attend calls. If you are a person who can’t afford to miss even a single call then you should buy Best Sports Headphones with Mic.

Top 10 Best Sports Headphones – Comparison Table

Device NameSpecial FeatureRatingAux PlugPrice
Samsung Level UNoise-isolation4.0L plug Check Price
Plantronics BackBeat FitWater Prrof4.0L plug
Boss Sound SportStay Hear+ tips4.0L plug
Jaybrid X2Sweat proof3.0L plug
Monster AdidasSweat proof4.0L plug
Audio TechnicaTop Tier Sound4.0L plug
Audio Technica CKPNoise Isolation3.0L plug
Sennheiser PMXNeckband3.8L plug
Soul ElectronicsAdvanced Driver3.2L plug
SkullcandySweat proof4.1L plug
Audio Technica CKPL plug
Audio Technica CKPL plug
Audio Technica CKPL plug

After a lot of analysis and having reviewed couple of earbuds I got 5 Best Sports Earphones with Microphone. These earbuds are best in all point of views like sound quality, performance, fit and durability. You may also get to know best sports headphones for running, best Bluetooth sports headphones and cheap sports headphone etc. from here.

5 Best Sports Headphones With Mic

1-Samsung Level U

Samsung Level U
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Samsung Level U a great pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones gives a comfortable fit along with good sound and battery backup. It has lightweight round the neck design and vibrates when call comes.It is designed specially to wear for long terms because it is flexible and ideal to hear quality music.The large 12mm speakers provide clear sound and dual microphone noise reduction & echo cancellation do not allow outside interference during calls.

Samsung Level U has a remote contains 3 buttons to control volume, play and pause on it. These are one of the best Sports headphones with microphone.

Battery Life
The battery life of Samsung Level U is good as it gives 10 hours of backup with playback music. The Level U features dual-mic noise reduction to prevent unwanted outside noise. The noise reduction helps but we can’t say this is the best headphone prevent from noise because of its open design, a few sound leaks.

If you want a pair of wireless well designed and comfortable to wear earbuds then Samsung Level U is the best option for you because of its lightweight.

2-Plantronics BackBeat Fit

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Plantronics BackBeat Fit is a lightweight pair of sports earbuds with integrated microphone. It features a sweat proof design and great quality of sound. The fit of this pair is really fine as it is comfortable to wear. It comes with a reflective armband case to put smartphones.

This headphone is available under $100 and this is your ticket if you are finding the best sound quality headphone under 100 dollars. Plantronics BackBeat Fit has a great design with a p2i coating that won’t let you down during workouts.

Here we are talking about headphones with the mic then we should talk about call quality and battery life. We want to tell our users that Conversational sound quality of this pair is very good. Call button works as decline call button when pressed double. You also can use voice commands by holding down the call button for a while.

Battery Life
After 12 charge cycles, the battery can work till 8 hours with medium volume level. With high volume, it can be last up to 7 hours 45 minutes. The talk time battery life is 6 hours and14 days’ on standby. Charging can be done through a USB cable.

There is only one con in Plantronics BackBeat Fit that the pair has weak bass otherwise it is best sports headphones with microphone and ideal for the gym.

3-Boss Sound Sport in Ear Headphone

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones
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The Boss Sound Sports headphones are secure, comfortable in fit and sweat resistant. The tips are made of silicone and c shaped wings that fit better even in hard work out sessions. Boss supplies 3 different size tips connected to c shaped wings.

Boss Sound Sport comes with an integrated microphone to and an inline remote to attend calls and control volume. So energize your workout with a good quality sound.

The pair produces a great sound across all kind of music. But during hearing music, I felt the same problem i.e. a weak bass.

Boss Sound Sport has a spotty design specially designed for athletes who want to buy a pair of sports headphones with mic and good sound quality.

You will also get a case to protect your pair of earbuds matching with the color of your earphone. So if you trust Boss brand then don’t get late and buy it now.

4-Jaybrid X2

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Jaybrid X2 is a successor to its predecessor Jaybird Bluebirds X, a pair of great in-ear Bluetooth sports headphones. These small earphones are attached to a tangle-free cord which rests behind your neck while working out. It can be worn over or under ear both. It comes with a mic and remote to take calls and up and down the volume level.

The headphones are available in various color options and I love the red most. The fit is not a problem this time as it comes with three silicone, three foam tips and three pairs of Jaybird ear fins. These are little larger than typical in ears. As a result, fit won’t be comfortable for all. You will have to experiment with ear fins and tips to get the right fit.

If we talk about the sound quality of Jaybird X2 then it is clear after listening to a track that Jaybrid X2 has a balanced sound and they focused on clarity more than pumping bass. So the bass is lean and tight. Listening classical and instruments on Jaybrid X2 is a good experience.

Because of its lean bass and clarity, you would like to listen to music or watch movies at home too. The call quality of Jaybrid X2 is good as no of the callers got any issue while calling.

Battery Life
You will get a battery life of 6.5 hours and it takes 2 hours to get the charge. The battery backup of Jaybrid X2 is less than Plantronics BackBeat Fit.

In the verdict, we want to say that the Jaybrid X2 has good sound quality, fit securely and a decent battery life. It is another best sport Earbuds with the microphone. There is only one issue which is low bass but it can be set by using the equalizer.

5-Monster Adidas Sport Adistar

Monster Adidas Sport
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Monster Adidas Sport Adistar is a set of well-designed in ear wireless sport headphone with mic. The pair of earbuds gives comfortable and secure fit with a good sound quality. The battery is chargeable through the micro USB port. It comes with a protective carry pouch.

Monster Adidas Sport Adistar is a pair of best headphones under 100 dollars. This is a noise isolating headphone which gives you best sound quality after putting in ear properly. The fit is best during any kind of workout session like running, gym etc. The cord length is easily adjustable with integrated cord shortener.

These are sweat proof not waterproof, so do not take a risk to wash. Monster Adidas Sports Adistar is Bluetooth sports headphones have a remote with 3 buttons which are play/pause and volume up and down. Hold up volume button to forward and down volume button to skip back a track.

Battery Life
The battery backup of Monster Adidas Sports Adistar is quite good as because it has a dual battery design. Personally, I liked the way to change battery through micro-USB port.

The sound quality of Monster Adidas Sport Adistar is clearer than other wireless sports headphones in the list. But the quality will be good till you seal the buds with your ear. The earphones offer a strong bass and give clarity up to 75% volume level.

Best Cheap Sport Headphones

If you’re a sport lover and looking a cheap pair of Best Sport Headphones. It always nice to listen our favorite songs while exercising in the gym, running or playing in the ground. It boosts our body and energizes us to put more efforts in the workout. This only happens when our headphones are producing the best quality of sound.

Those days are gone when sport headphones would too much costly. But nowadays, good quality sports earphones can be purchased by spending only a few dollars.

4 Best Cheap Sport Headphones – “Best Choice Under Your Budget“

1-Audio Technica ATH CKP200

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The main thing we can’t compromise while working out is the weight of headphones. So the weight of Audio Technica ATH CKP200 is just 9g even with hooks i.e. pretty impressive.

The hanger design of Audio Technica ATH CKP200 gives it a better look and promises a secure fit. The pair of earbuds won’t fall down while working out just because of its design. The cable provides a tangle-free design while staying out of your way. The cable is 6 meters which can be extended further 6 meters. Audio Technica ATH CKP200 is a washable pair of earbuds allows you to clean them with water after use.

If I talk about performance then I must say that the sound quality of Audio Technica ATH CKP200 is fine in this price as the buds are smooth and ribbed.

The only disappointment is that ATH CKP200 has no integrated remote/mic and it is a little bit hard in terrible. But if we compare the performance it with the price then this is one of the Best In-Ear Headphones for 30 dollars.


2-Audio Technica ATH CKP200

Monster iSport Strive In-Ear Headphones
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This pair of headphones looks great and the combination of blue and matt black color makes it look more expensive. They come with inline remote consist of 3 buttons offers to adjust volume levels and attend the calls.

The earphones come with 2 set of earbuds of different sizes. You may choose as according to your size.

iSport Strive relay on a hook made of silicone to keep them in their place while working out. They are secure and fit good if you find tips of your size. The cable and inline controls are light weighted and not create a problem while jogging and working out.

This pair of in-ear headphones is sweat proof and you can also wash them. They are washable but i won’t advise you to put them into the washing machine.

The Monster iSport Strive open design will not stop outer noise to come in completely as it is important to be aware of outer world while running. The sound quality is good but the bass does suffer.

3-Sennheiser PMX 685i Sports

sports headphones with mic
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After collaboration with Adidas, Sennheiser produces PMX 685i sports headphones for athletes. The pair has behind the neck design that makes them one of the Best Sport Headphones for Running. Its behind the neck pattern can create a problem for gym goers. Otherwise, they are light in weight with this band and 3.5mm jack. The buds will give you a comfort fit.

Sennheiser PMX 685i Sports comes with an inline mic to attend calls and remote to adjust volume levels. The package of Sennheiser PMX 685i Sports comes with only 1 pair of ear tips which is the con of it.

If I talk about the performance of PMX 685i then I want to clear that the headphones produce a good sound quality. While toughest training sessions PMX 685i will help you to get motivated through music. The only con of Sennheiser PMX 685i Sports sound quality is that head moment will make the sound change slightly.

4-Soul Electronics Flex 

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The Soul Electronics Flex has been designed especially for our active lifestyle. The pair is mounted on soft rubber loops and has gone over the tops of ear design to keep the headphone on the place while workout sessions. The flex comes with an inline mic and remote available at just below of right jawline. The remote has 3 buttons to adjust volume levels and play/pause commands.

The package of Soul Electronics Flex comes with a small pouch and 4 pairs of tips of different sizes.

The earloops are soft and flexible that gives a comfortable fit in ear canals. It will fit in your ear completely that you will have to do little struggle while unwrapping them from your ear.

Soul Electronics Flex is water resistant that you may clean them easily in running water and they will survive easily even in sweat.

Now if I talk about the performance of Soul Electronics Flex then I tell our users that they provide all the vocals clear and full sound with boosted bass. The heavy bass gives the motivation to push your limits little more while working out. If you want to attend a call while working out then Soul Electronics Flex will serve you well.

Soul Electronics Flex gives you better fit and sound quality during any kind of workout than other earphones as these are Best Headphones under 100 Dollars.

Earphones do not provide comfort fit can spoil the whole session of workout. So let’s find some cheap pair of headphones that give comfort fit with great sound quality as well.

5 Best Sport Headphones Under 50$


Best Sports Headphone Under 50 Dollars
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If you are a sporty person then push your limits with Skullcandy Method in-ear headphones with mic. The earbuds are sweat resistant and provide you secure fit during extra workout sessions.

Skullcandy Method features, germ prevention, a clip to manage wires during the workout, an inline remote with mic, booming bass to enhance the quality of music etc.

Silicone made Skullcandy Method gives 18Hz to 20KHz frequency response with 1.300 L cable length. Fit might be an issue because the pair comes with two bud sizes in the box.

They come in light blue, yellow or grey variants. This pair of In-ear headphones specially designed for bass lovers as bass response is intense.

Skullcandy Method earbuds are compatible with both Android and IOS and It offers only single button on its remote to answer calls. You have to adjust volume levels through your smartphone or mp3 player.

2-Brainwavz Delta 

 Brainwavz Delta Black IEM In Ear Earbuds Noise Isolating Earphones
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Design wise Brainwavz Delta doesn’t look like $20 earphones. The earbuds have all-metal housing looks sleek while remaining lightweight. It features white and magenta Brainwavz logo at the backs of the pair.

The earphones come with an inline mic and remote of 3 buttons to answer calls and raise or reduce volume. The pair is compatible with both Apple and Android gadgets.

Brainwavz Delta package contains 4 pairs of ear tips. Three tips are for small, medium and large sizes and the 4th one is made of memory foam. With just a few adjustments Delta earbuds stay safe in my ears during my workout sessions. However, I prefer to use wireless sport headphones while working out.

8 mm drivers
Brainwavz Delta pair has 8 mm drivers and 10db of sensitivity. This pair of Delta in-ear headphones can reproduce vocals and instruments clearly to produce a balanced sound with a proper bass response. These headphones perform better than its price tag of $20.

So if you are searching for affordable best Headphones under $50 then Brainwavz Delta will be a good choice.

3-Brainwavz Delta 

Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds
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Wood is known for providing best sound reproduction, that’s why musical instruments and high-quality speakers made of wood. Now get this thing in headphones with Symphonized NRG Wood in-ears.

Symphonized NRG Wood Headphones are the perfect example of an outstanding pair of headphones in all manners like sound, design, and fit. Some parts of this pair are made of wood which helps it to produce a high-quality sound.

Due to its powerful sound and strong deep bass, it feels like we are enjoying a live concert or show. Symphonized NRG Wood in-ears offers excellent noise isolation and distortion free volume.

If you are a music lover then you will be happy to have these headphones and you will be disappointed if you are expecting low bass tones.

If you are habitual of wearing earphones for a long time then Symphonized NRG Wood in-ears best suitable for you. Because it’s soft silicone earbuds will provide you c super comfortable fit with noise reducing quality.

Symphonized NRG Wood in-ears come with an in-line mic to answer calls. A sleek tangle-free nylon cord available in various colors variants includes in the package.

The earphones are durable and handcrafted from wood material. It comes packed with 3 tips of different sizes that are small, medium and large.

4-MEE Audio Runway 4.0

MEE audio Runaway 4.0 Bluetooth Stereo Wireless
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When we talk about the quality of headphones at the affordable price, the name of MEE comes. MEE Audio Runway 4.0 is also affordable in the budget over-ear headphone.

This is a lightweight pair of headphones weighting around 110 grams only. The pair is best Bluetooth headphones under $50. MEE Audio Runway 4.0 comes in 6 different colors that are Blue, Pink, Red, White, Black/Red and Black/Grey. They are also a great option at the time of jogging and workouts because of their lightweight.

Inside packet a USB charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable, carrying pouch along with headset are available. They are too much comfortable to wear because of its light weight.

Bluetooth 4.0
You well get Bluetooth 4.0 stream music wirelessly along with support for A2DP. There is also an inbuilt microphone available which can be used to receive and end calls. They don’t look cheap because of its attractive design.

I am not a great fan of over-ear headphones but MEE Audio Runway 4.0 impressed me with its light weight and design.

One thing which is not in the favor of MEE Audio Runway 4.0 buttons used on it. They are made of cheaper materials. There are 3 buttons to receive/end calls, volume up/down, track fast forward/rewind.

5-Shure SE112

Shure SE112-GR Sound Isolating Earphones with Single
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If you are a lover of sound gadgets then you must have heard the name of Shure SE112 as the pair was best earbuds of last year.

These headphones are sound isolating with a small design that makes them unique from others. The backs of earbuds are orbs and these orbs help to hold the buds. There are right and left indicators with the logo of Shure on each earbud. SE112 do not have an inline remote on the wire.

It comes with 2 tips that are small and large sizes. The design is different and unique but when it comes to the pointing of comfort then the pair fails to fit in everyone’s ears. So it is a little disappointment for gadget lovers.

Shure SE112 gives stereo output with 25Hz to 17KHz frequency rate. The pair features noise isolating quality and gives a royal experience of listening music in budget.

Appearance doesn’t matter a lot if sound quality of your headphones is not good but Shure SE112 gives both the things. The bass response is well and an affordable product for music listeners.

If you are searching for Best Headphones Under $50, then this article guides you to take a decision.

5 Best Earphones for Running That Don’t Fall Out

Running with music on the ear is crucial and so should be the headphones. You need both to engage your mind with something and keep the rhythm going with your music playlist. Excellent sound is necessary, and so should be the design quality. Maybe the most necessary characteristic for running earphones is that they don’t fall out and are comfortable to wear. It’s very annoying to have to re-insert continuously and adjust the earphone buds during a useful exercise. You need to do away with the average ear buds that came with your Android phone or iPhone as they are not simply made for running and you won’t get the job done. The following is a list of the five most advanced earphones for running.

1. Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Best Earphones for Running That Don't Fall Out
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The first headphone on this list is the Jabra Sports Pulse, which also presents a feature that none of the other earphones has- the inbuilt functional biometric heart rate control. It’s an excellent product and ingenious idea for athletes who know the significance of regulating heart rate. Jabra sports heart rate/pulse wireless monitor headphones come with Dolby-enhanced music control and are wireless. This earphone set comes with a microphone for making phone calls and can also be connected to a smartphone Jabra Sports Life app for motion tracking and calibration. It also functions well with famous Android and iOS fitness applications.

  • Secure fit
  • Wireless
  • Built-in HR Monitor
  • Dolby Sound
  • Water, shock, dust and sweat proof
  • Microphone on cord
  • Remote controlled
  • Expensive-The price might scare a few customers away, but remember you’ll get a high-quality product with plenty of features.

2. Monster iSport Victory In-Ear Headphones

Monster iSport Victory In-Ear Headphones Review
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If you’re searching for sound quality, this is the best earphone set to go for. Both the treble and bass are flawless, and it tightly fits in your ear ensuring noise isolation and clean music. The Monster iSport Victory also has a secure and tight fit tight that guarantee they won’t fall out. Instead of the ear hoop that conventional earphones have, these fit on the interior of the ear due to their small characteristic. The tangle-free cable has a mic for iPhone and iPad with a remote. Furthermore, if the Monster Isport Victory Earphones get wet or sweaty after vigorous exercising, you can quickly rinse in the sink.

  • Washable and sweat proof
  • Anti-Microbial Formulation
  • 3.5 mm right-angled jack
  • 24K Gold-Plated Contacts
  • Noise canceling
  • Inside-ear secure fit SportClip
  • Great sound quality
  • Expensive

3. Bose freestyle Earbuds

Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones
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The bright Bose Freestyle Earbuds are state of the art products. The earphones deliver full bass and rich, full sound. The remote and in-line microphone gives control and the capability to reply phone calls. Bose freestyle Earbuds earphone set runs with a variety of smartphones including Sony, iPhone, Nokia and LG among others. The earphones are comfortable for extended period listening and are secure not to fall off during workouts.

  • Rich, deep sound
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Colorful design
  • On-line mic and remote
  • Durable build quality
  • Light-weight
  • Unusual color combinations and patterns
  • Surrounding Sound block out

4. Yurbuds inspire Special Edition

Yurbuds inspire Special edition
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The critical characteristic of these earphones is the capacity to remain secure in the ear during workouts. Even when you’re running outdoors; the Inspire Limited Edition’s Yurbuds guarantees that they won’t fall. They are water and sweat proof; with the Kevlar-wrapped cordage stopping it from getting trapped.

  • Tangle-free Kevlar cord
  • Secure fit
  • Mic and Remote for iOs units
  • Ambient awareness and noise isolation option
  • Medium sound quality- The 3D sounds-cape produced by its Triple Magnet Sound isn’t quite excellent.

5. Polk audio Ultrafit 3000

Best Sports Headphones With Mic
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The UltraFit 3000 from Polk is an -ear-canal headphone with the secure-Fit Support hook which rounds the ear to hold it in position. The Polk audio Ultrafit 3000 earphone also comes in a wide variety of cords, a triple microphone buttons for iPods and iPhone remote.

  • Triple Button Remote Control
  • In-line microphone
  • Tangle-free audio cable
  • 16 ohms impedance
  • White or black finish
  • Does not work with Android devices
  • Challenging to get the right ear fit
  • Poor sound quality

The best earphones for sports and running have been ranked from 1 to 5. The criterion was based on battery life, how they wear, pricing, build quality and sound quality. The Jabra Sports pulse wireless heart rate monitor is undoubtedly the best in general. While it comes at a slightly significant cost, this innovative workout earphone not only guarantees you excellent music quality but also takes care of your heart’s well-being. Nonetheless, each product mentioned above has its strong points.


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