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How To Write A Check

Being an adult comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have to adapt to foreign environments and have some quirky abilities up your sleeves; one of which is writing a check. Running out of cash? Or just trying to feel more professional? Writing a check has its perks and we’ll show you how to do it:

  1. What’s the date? It is important to put the date in the right hand corner of the check, so that you have a record of when you issued that amount of money.
  1. Who’s it for? If you’re giving the check to an individual, mention his/her full name with the correct spellings next to ‘pay to’. On the other hand, if it’s an NGO or any other organization, make sure that you use the exact name under which it operates. Avoid any sort of abbreviations in both the cases. Mistakes in the name may lead to the check being unusable, or even worse, it can trap you in a case of felony or to write a check
  1. How much? Right next to the $ sign, mention the amount in dollars and cents i.e. if you’re paying 50$ you will put in 50.00. Do not make another $ sign because it’s already been made on the check during printing. Double check the amount you put in to reduce chances of error.
  1. How much is that in words? Next to “Pay to the order of’ you must write the amount of money in words as well. Here’s the tricky part; you must write the exact amount of money including cents and add ‘even’ at the end to ensure that the recipient or any other person cannot add any amount to it after the check is out of your hands for example you write fifty, but the recipient adds thousand to it. Now you’re robbed of 50,000$.
  1. Sign it: Last but not the least, leave your signature in the bottom right corner. Make sure you don’t do it hurriedly, because any difference from your normal signature might render the check useless for the recipient and that’ll only be an extra hassle.Also Check: How To Get Real Estate License
  1. Memo section: This section is on the bottom left and pretty much optional but you can fill it to increase the information of the check. I.e. if it for charity, you can write charity/donation in the memo section. This is helpful to keep a record of where and why you have spent that money in case you cannot remember who the particular person was or why you ever made a payment to a certain firm.  
  1. Food for thought: If you make a mistake while writing the check, don’t make another blunder by throwing it away just like that. Anyone can pick it up and misuse it. You need to cross it out and write ‘VOID’ on it before tearing it and throwing it away properly.

Ah, so now you’ve learnt how to properly write a check. Feel free to share to all those around you who face similar insecurities!

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