Wolf spider bite

Wolf Spider Bite

Arachnophobia; a fear of spiders and other arachnids, do you think you have it? Even if you don’t, you better watch out for a spider wolf! They may be little but the damage they cause can be pretty massive. Have a read:

How can I even tell? The wolf spider is commonly mistaken for a tarantula; however the distinguishing factor remains its eyes that are 8 in number, arranged in 3 rows.

The largest two eyes also have the ability to glow in the dark. A female spider can easily be spotted as it carries her wolf spider babies on her back. So if you happen to come across one of these creatures, back off immediately!

How do I know it’s a wolf spider bite? The symptoms are pretty basic. The fangs leave marks on the skin and it immediately becomes reddish and swells up (nonetheless it is not fatal).

It may even darken the skin around the bite. However, what makes it worse is the excruciating pain that can affect you up to a fortnight. Differing person to person, more severe signs include swelling of the lymph nodes coupled with an allergic reaction like nausea, vomiting and headaches. Such cases need instant medical care to prevent further damage from wolf spider bite.

wolf spider

How do I make it better? The home based treatment consists of the usual remedies like an ice pack to reduce swelling, keeping the wound germ free by washing it with antibacterial soap and reducing the amount of movement of the area bitten.

In the case of medicinal help; acetaminophen relieves pain, antihistamines reduce the itch and simple aspirin lessens down the swelling. In case of the austere reactions, it is better to seek medical attention instead of experimenting on your own.

How do I expel these monsters? Getting rid of these spiders also requires a few simple measures. Make sure your lawns and gardens are free of debris, compost, leaves etc. which are dark places and a favorite hiding place for wolf spiders. Bushes, shrubs etc. that are under windows will not only help the spiders survive but also provide an easy access to inside your house.

Off with those bushes! If you have any open windows, vents and pipes that open up inside the house, it’s better to install nets/meshes onto them. Stop lighting up your garden, you’re actually helping the spiders find food, henceforth making them stay in the vicinity.

Plus, bright light is an attraction for all sorts of creepy insects. Lastly, once they infect your home you can use pesticides and insect sprays in corners, dark or damp places, and under sinks and beds to kill these bugs for good.

Food for thought: These spiders are not embarking on a journey to eradicate the human race and have no natural tendency to bite. However, the moment they feel threatened or cornered, biting will be their defense mechanism. So if you see one, just let it go outside. Or else they’ll feel compelled to harm you. Live and let live!


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