Vanna White Salary

Many people want to know vanna white salary, Vanna White is globally known as an American actress, coupled with a TV artist. She is mainly famous because of her hosting in the reality show ‘‘Wheel of fortune” since the year 1982. If you’re a fan of the show here is a quick outlook of Vanna’s life and career that’ll be lovely to go through:

Vanna White Biography:

February 18, 1957 marks the day when Vanna was born. Peruto Rican (her father) had filed a separation from her mother, henceforth the surname Vanna carried all her career is from her stepfather Herbert Stackley White Jr, a real estate agent in South Carolina. In the 1980s, Vanna dated and engaged singer turned actor John Gibson.

A sad tragedy i.e. a plane crash resulted in the death of Gibson and of course, their love story. White wedded George San Pietro, an owner of a restaurant, in December 1990. They had a son who they named Nicholas in 1994, followed by a daughter, Giovanna born in 1997.

Alas, this marriage ended in November 2002. From 2004-06, she was again engaged to a businessman known as Michael Kaye. However, this relationship remained as such and they never got married.

vanna white salary

Vanna White Career:

Vanna’s initial television appearance was not as a host but as a contestant on a show called “The price is right’’. She never made it too far on that show; nevertheless she made it to the list of candidates for substitutes for the Wheel of fortune hosts.


In 1982, Vanna’s stardom began, because the normal host Susan Stafford quit , which gave Vanna the opportunity to start her career. Talk about luck!

Her salary per episode is quite commendable because her net worth is $15 million. Vanna salary in 2009 could be estimated to round about $4 million a year. Her earnings however have been kept secret since 2010 but her salary 2012 is considered $8 million annually. Wow!

Vanna White Fun Facts:

Now don’t we all love some gossip? Vanna has never repeated a dress on the show! Designers love her and she chooses her favorite dresses from them to wear on the show.  

She also holds a world record for most claps, estimated to about 3.5million in her entire career.

Lastly, Vanna has exposed that she knew all the answers on the show before the screening, and even tried to let the contestants know by ‘telepathy’ somehow.

Vanna White controversies:

Being a star has its downsides, because everything you do gets plastered all over the public media. People debate over if Vanna got plastic surgery or not. Her before and after pictures are a clear indication that she has not aged a day, and is looking younger and younger. Is it magic? Or is it plastic surgery? We’ll never know.

It’s also interesting to know that Samsung Electronics got sued by Vanna on making an ad that impersonated her in a humorous manner. And guess what? They had to pay her $403,000 as compensation. Never mess with a celebrity!

A star’s life may be glamorous but everything has its shortcomings. Would you rather live her life or are you happy with your own?


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