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Here’s a live updates have a look onto the Bosphorus bridge in Istanbul

Turkish military block Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge

turkey imposed martial law


Ex – prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu has advised Al Jazeera in an interview that the attempted military coup is using “illegal approaches” and constitutes an “an attack towards democracy”.

From the New York Times Latest Reporting, Davutoglu said:

Stableness of Turkey usually means stableness of a lot of other countries, and the stability of Turkey indicates the stableness of a secure haven of large numbers of refugees. If it is hurt, the domino impact cannot be prevented.

Davutoglu continuously recommended that the coup was currently being led just by a “clique” in the army and said he predicted the coup to fail.

All over my life we have seen a lot of attempts by these kinds of cliques in the military,” he said. “They were not capable to be successful for a very long time and, after a lot of years, I am confident we will defend our dignity, our democracy.

Turkey martial law


The United State department has released an “unexpected emergency alert” for Us citizens in Turkey

President Erdoğan called on Turks to get to the roads in a surreal interview with CNN Türk, where he was pushed to speak to the community via a mobile phone.

President Erdoğan called on Turks

Some pictures taken from social media.

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