How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

You have a crush on a guy, but do not know if the feeling is mutual? Maybe you’re curious to know if this is the case. Is he staring because he is interested in you or only looking at the wall poster behind your head?

Whatever the reason, if need to know there are some good enough effective ways to tell if a guy likes you.

Observe his body language. Body language says a lot when it comes to discerning if this guy likes you enough to patronise you. Interestingly, experts believe that while the women’s body language has about fifty-two expressions of body language to signal to a guy they are interested, the guys just use ten.

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

If you adhere to this theory, this should make your mission a little easier! You need to know what to look for, besides to being sure you do not take innocent gestures for calls to love; the mistake could prove awkward. Few of the signs of body language to look for are the following:

Pay attention to how he looks at your face and makes eye contact with you.
He leans much to you. The invasion of personal space is a sign of significant interest.

He begins to arrange his looks. He pulls on his tie to straighten it or adjusts his sweater. Maybe he spends his hands through his hair in an attempt to put the order or that decline to tie his shoelaces. Doing this is similar to the actions of a male bird preening to bond.

Look how he’s sitting. If you see manly gestures, like sitting with legs open and hands placed on his hips, he is trying to impress you.

Watch his eye contact. As previously stated, a guy who is interested in you looks at you a lot, even if it is discreet. He tries to get your attention, or if he is shy, he may abruptly turn his head if you catch him looking at you. To test his interest, stare at him for four seconds, then look somewhere else.

Then watch him again, if he maintains or enhances eye contact with you, he is interested. On the other hand, if he breaks eye contact with you and starts to look around the room, he doesn’t seem interested.

A look that goes left and sweeping your face then goes right is a sign that he is attracted to you. Be careful not to confuse the look of a reluctant guy who avoids eye contact with a man who is clearly not interested.

A reluctant guy who is interested will continue to look at you stealing wary glances.

Be patient. If you do not like the guy, it is uncomfortable to maintain eye contact, quickly break contact and glance around the room yourself, as if you are looking for someone else. When a guy likes you, he will always try to be humorous and whenever does something funny, he would want to get your attention.

When he is in a group and does something to make everyone laugh, he will take a glance at you to check if you’re laughing too. That’s cute, and you can be sure that he is really into you, eagerly trying to please you and get your attention.

Listen to what he says. If he likes you and is nervous or anticipates the opportunity to get closer to you, he will probably start talking about himself. Often guys feel the need to prove something, especially if you speak to another boy in his presence.

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Touch is an important sign of interest in a relationship that develops confidence and estimates the interest of both by observing how it affects you and how the other person reacts when you touch them.

He could put his hand on yours when he laughs, he could gently rub your leg against yours, but do not stray again as he can give you a friendly hug for small things, like greet you, express emotions or telling a story.

On the other hand, consider touching him to see the reaction. Try a gentle caress of your hand against his neck, placing your hand on his forearm or running your fingers on his hand after having joked with him about something.

He is interested in you if he answers and does not withdraw or if he moves his hand to keep it on your own or your arm or leg. However, if he recovers or away his hand, he is not interested.

Look at his actions to see if he treats you differently than the rest of your group. If he is interested in you, he may start behaving protectively to you or in a “gentleman” style (at least insofar as he interprets his behaviour as such).

Look for signs such as moving his chair closer to you, puts his arm around the back of your chair, lets his jacket on the back of your chair even going to put the jacket on your shoulders to protect you from cold.

To tell how a guy likes you, you can observe his general behaviour in your absence too. He will ensure most of the time that he doesn’t lose your sight and wants to spend maximum time with you.

In an office, for instance, he will always make a way to sit closest to you, pick up things for you, do tasks for you and ask you almost with most things that if you need his assistance.

When you’re not around, he will check with his other close mates about your whereabouts and sometimes will even call or text you to check where you are.
As strange as it may seem, if a guy is staring at your mouth while you speak, it’s a sure tell sign that he likes you.

Guys are not that difficult to read when they like you. You just need to read the signs, the body language and behaviour.

As discussed earlier, guys exhibit their liking far easily recognisable than the ladies out there. The signs are simple. They get caring, protective, possessive, helpful and they just want to be around you all the time.

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