how to pic a lock easily

Have you ever lost a key and had to open a door urgently? While you have some paper clips on hand, you can help yourself in fulfilling the purpose. It might not be pretty, but serves its purpose. Read on to know how to pick a lock with a paperclip.

Making Your Tool:

Get your material together. The main thing that you need to open a lock is a paper clip. Besides, you need a pair of pliers to modify the paper clips.

Get two big paperclips. One clip holds the cylinder open, and the other is used for rotating the cylinder. There is no limit in size, but you should make sure that the width is appropriate to introduce the paper clip into the lock, and it is long enough so that you can push them completely into the lock while it rotates through the end.

How To Pick A Lock

Take a pair of pliers to bring paper clips into form. It is easier with the tongs to shape the paper clips instead of your hands.

Bend the first clip to form a handle for the lock cylinder. Therefore you have to turn twice apart until it protrudes in a straight line the long end. You’ll introduce this straight part into the lock.

Some locksmiths also work with a slightly upturned tip on a spit. In this way, the pins are pressed down on the inside of the castle, but that is not necessary.

Build your tool to rotate the cylinder. Take the two long creases from the paper clip until they make two straight wires with a curve at the end. Press this curve with a screwdriver. You should enter a 90° angle in the curve, which is about 1 cm long.

Alternatively, you can bend a corner of your paper clip until a straight portion protrudes in a 90 °angle. This is a very simple device for rotating that works but is not perfect.

How To Pick A Lock

Lead your rotating paper clip into the bottom of the keyhole. The lower part is also called the shear line. You have to, at this point, insert a rotating pressure with your tool so that the cylinder rotates.

It may take some practice to apply the right amount of pressure. If you push too hard, you’ll get your paper clip bending. If you exercise too little pressure, you will not rotate the cylinder and the lock will not open.

Twist the paper clip in the direction in which the lock opens. That can be a bit tricky if you’re not so sure, but it is important to rotate your tool in the right direction. There are a couple of tests to determine the direction in which it opens and in which way the key has to be turned.

If you know the direction in which the lock typically unlocks, that is the direction in which you need to turn your tool. If you are not sure which direction you need to specify your pressure, you have a 50/50 chance to open the lock.
You can also feel the direction in which the lock opens when you turn your tools carefully.

Turn it first clockwise and then in the opposite direction. You will feel in the lock rotates slightly when pushed in the right direction.

Guide your spit to the top of the keyhole and a “rake”. Slide your spit to the end of the key hole and removing it quickly, while you shake the spear upwards. Do this a few times to release some of the pins.

Keep the pressure on your rotary tool while you do it. If not, the work will not succeed. Fast does not mean that you should work hastily. You should spit out just as soon and forth that a uniform movement arises.

Here too, you have to develop a sense. Therefore few people open a lock in this way on the first try.

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Locate the pins in the lock cylinder. Keep the pressure on your tools and try to find the pins inside the keyhole with your spit. Most commercially available pin locks have five or six pins that you need to release to open the door.

You will feel the pins about your spit when you push it into the cylinder, and you know it when to push it down.

Click the pins down. Make sure you practice a rotating pressure with your tool when you press the pins down. You should feel a slight yielding when you push the pins in its open position. Perhaps you can hear a slight clicking sound even.

Experienced lock cracker can unlock all pins simultaneously in an apparently smooth motion, but people with little experience will need specific movements for each pin.

Wiggle a little on each pin until the lock opens. Turning more and more pressure with your rotary tool and wag that spit until each pin is released.

When you hear a snap or a click, you should still continue to turn to open the lock with your rotary tool until the lock is released. That is how your pick a master lock with a paperclip.
You can mostly open the locks of all interior doors. This depends on the age of the lock too.

You can also use a hairpin instead of a paper clip as well. Their flattened shape allows additional pressure and easy insertion into the cylinder.

Please be aware that the lock picking can be classified as a criminal act when you do it for illegal purposes.


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