How To Lose 10 Pounds in a Week

How To Lose 10 Pounds in a Week Tips

Ten pounds represent a lot of weight to lose in a short week.

Although surgery and diet pills are some of the solutions that are used by people who want to lose this much weight in so little time, you can also get there by changing your dietary habits and your general habits, which is a healthier option of course.

It is important to be aware that a system that allows losing so much weight is not often practised.

You should discuss your intentions with your doctor or a nutritionist before starting.

You should also note that irrespective of what this article suggests, it is not possible to lose 10 pounds in a week without severely jeopardising your health.

If you wanted to lose 10 pounds of fat in 1 week, you would reach a deficit of 2250 kcal per day, which means that in addition to not eat anything for a week, you should run 12 km per day.

In practice, it would suffice to serve to run 4 km without eating anything, because part of your weight loss would be made up of muscles and water.

How To Lose 10 Pounds in a Week with exercise

Here are some tips if you are looking for how to lose 10 pounds in a week:

Increase water intake:

Drink only water. Water cleanses your system, eliminates excess toxins and helps weight loss. Besides, water has zero calories, making it a much better choice than sugary drinks.

You can even restrict yourself to only drink water and increase your chances of losing weight. If you need to drink something with taste time to time, drink unsweetened tea.

You have to respect this routine round the clock, seven days a week, not only before exercise. You can also take a cup of black coffee. The caffeine it contains will stimulate you, and you will still force more while exercising.

It has been proven that water can also enhance your metabolism and bring you a sense of fullness. Studies have shown that drinking two glasses of water improves your metabolism by 40 percent for 15 to 20 minutes.

People who contributed to this study lost on average about 8 kilos over a period of three months by drinking only water. 

If you are not sure How Many Calories Do I Need check this post.

Eliminate junk food from your diet:

If you seriously want to lose those extra pounds, this should be done completely. A person following a standard diet can afford to have junk food once in a while without significant consequence.

But when the goal is to lose weight extremely fast, junk food should be completely off the menu. Stay clear of fats and foods high in sugar.

  •    Avoid foods high in sugar, fried items and chocolate coated snacks.
  •    Always read the labels. Even foods like yoghurt and cereal bars can be loaded with sugar. Contrary to the popular belief, these are not always healthy.

Avoid white carbohydrates:

Foods like biscuits and pasta are filled with simple carbohydrates which are camouflaged sugar. These little tricky foods drive up your insulin levels, assisting fat storage and thus make you fat.

If you want to lose weight, stop eating industrial carbohydrates which mean biscuits, cakes, doughnuts, chips and ice creams, etc.

In addition to this, hunger pangs make you want to fall back into your old habits. By eating healthy foods continuously, you can take better control of your cravings for junk food. When you feel full, you make better decisions. You can also check How To Lose Weight Fast With HCG Diet Natuarlly.

Throw yourself on negative calories:

Whether the negative calories are actually negative is still subject to debate. As per theory, certain foods require so much energy for digestion which in turn burns more calories.

And even if you do not burn calories by eating these foods, they don’t anyway bring you many more calories.

Lean protein is always recommended. Choose lean meats like chicken or even fish.

Eating fish is particularly useful because it contains fatty acids that fulfil your body requirements with the oil it needs, eliminating your need for fatty foods.

Do not skip vegetables. Eat them at breakfast, lunch or dinner. They contain many nutrients, usually low in calories or sugar, except potatoes, and make you feel for longer periods. The road to weight loss is paved with vegetables.

Another rule to lose pounds quickly is not to eat after a certain time of day.

Many people manage to lose weight with a scheduled plan. This means that they decide not to eat after a certain time, usually after 19 or 20 hours.

In general food intake in the evening is the most harmful, because the television is switched on and friends come to your house, and you always tend to munch on something.

Stopping all this can be difficult from an emotional point of view, but you will see results.

These are some of the mandatory guidelines if you want to lose weight quickly, especially if you need to lose let’s say 10 pounds in a week. The rule is to stick to the above religiously.

Consequently, it is you who is going to benefit, look smarter and feel healthier.

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