How To Make Baby Diaper Cake

Diapers are babies are directly related to each other and it’s not wrong to say that diapers are the best gift for a person who is near to a baby. It’s a useful and economical gift with guaranteed use.

However, presenting a diaper pack directly to a person seems quite boring and old idea. A diaper cake is a unique way to give a valuable gift while it also provides you an edge to explore your creative ideas on the decoration of the cake.

Moreover, they are easy to make and within the budget range of everyone. The article will answer the question that how to make a diaper cake step by step.

The things used in diaper cake are easily available and you can get from any market. Collect the following things before start making a diaper cake.

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60 diapers, ScissorsCake topper, Thick cardboard, 67 rubber bands, 2-inch wide ribbon, 3 extra-large rubber bands, 7 washcloths or teething blankets, Pencil, Empty paer tower roll, and Toys for decoration.


How to Make a Diaper Cake In 6 Steps:

Step1: Roll each diaper and use waistband to crotch up the diapers. Place rubber bands around them and place them in a fixed position. Though it’s a time-consuming task and requires patience as well, but the whole shape of the cake depends on the stiffness of diapers.

Step2: Place paper towel roll in the center and start placing diaper rolls around it. Place them closely to each other to make the first tier. Use 36 diaper rolls in the first tier. Make three layers around the paper tower roll and wrap them with an extra large rubber band.

Step3: Place the tier on the cardboard and draw a circle to get the exact shape of the tier. Cut the circle and place the first tier on the top of the cardboard as it will give a strong base to the cake and make it easy for the person to carry it.

Step4: Make the second layer of the diapers in the same way you have made the first one. Use 18 diapers in the second layer and place them on the layer. Use a large rubber band to hold the layer in one place.

The similar types of rolled layers are used in the making of motorcycle diaper cake which is the best solution for making a diaper cake for a boy. However, you keep a small hole between the rolls to give them the shape of wheels.

Step5: The third tier is made of washcloths which will come on the second tier. One roll should place in the center and other six around it. It’s a good idea to use washcloths in different colors to make the appearance more attractive. You can use fewer diapers in each layer if you want to make a small diaper cake.

Step6: Wrap the ribbons around the rubber bands and secure it with strong double side cake. Place a small toy bear or butterflies on the top of the cake and attach a small card on it.

How To Make Diaper Cake Video:

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