iPhone 7 Price, Features, Release

Finally, it’s here! The all new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were launched at the Apple’s annual ceremony on 7th September, 10 AM PDT.

So, what’s new in the package?

As discussed previously and expected due to various reliable rumours, the new iPhone no longer has room for traditional headphone connection. Yes! The 3.5mm jack is gone. Vice president of marketing for the company, Phillip Schiller says there are good reasons.

“The analogue audio connection is obsolete, much space inside the device is occupied and is not as versatile as the digital connections”. Apple has now included in the box headphones that connect through the lightning port which some audio brands in the world have already begun to manufacture. But the real commitment to the future will be the AirPods, a wireless headset that the company will launch in October and complement the phone.

They have a simpler than the traditional process of Bluetooth devices and automatically configured on all user devices paired through the integrated intelligent system.

They have a range of five hours of continuous playback, including microphone and touch controls and can be recharged in their carrying case four times, offering a total autonomy of twenty-four hours.

Apple is not the first company to remove the connection of phone headsets, though. Motorola, for example, has done this in some of their latest models of smartphones. But the scope of Apple iPhone, which has sold one billion units in the last nine years makes this decision an important step for the industry of consumer electronics.

The new iPhone, in any case, take advantage of the space left free by the removal of the connection to integrate stereo speakers. The headphone port is not the only difference in iPhone 7 with respect to their predecessors. It is faster and more powerful up to 30% and 40%, has a display with higher brightness and a home button that has no moving parts and is responsive to different pressure level.

Apple iPhone 7 Features

So what about protection? Something probably everyone was desperate to have on a 700 dollar mobile phone, and Apple just delivered it. The brilliant news is that your new ninth-generation iPhones are water and dust resistant with IP67 ranking.

That means they can be submersed in water upto 1 meter without any harm, and car bear splashes too. So when you need to urgently take out your iPhone to read that important message, or take a rainy selfie, feel free to do so because iPhone 7 can withstand all of that.

There are some tweaks with the cameras too, comparatively less on iPhone 7 and radical on iPhone 7 Plus. On the 4.7-inch screen iPhone 7 mode, camera gain optical stabiliser and a brighter lens.

IPhone 7 Plus model with 5.5-inch screen will have two cameras that work together to provide two optical magnification images and up to 10 times zoom increases in digital mode.

With this camera, Apple has also developed a portrait mode that recreates the blur effect of the background of images captured with large optical analysing the depth of the objects.

Compared to iPhone 6S, the iPhone7 it is made from a new process with fewer assembled parts. It will also be available in a shiny new black colour.

Pre-order of these new phones starts from 9th September and delivery begins from September 16th in more than 30 countries.

A very welcome step which everyone was looking forward to is that Apple has doubled the capacity of its devices, with a 32 GB starting model.

This increase will, however, affect the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and SE, which will remain on sale. The best part is, there is no price increase with this increase in memory, and the 32GB iPhone 7 starts at the same price as the iPhone 6S 16GB from last year.

The AirPod headphones hit the market in October at the cost of 169 US Dollars. The new phone comes at a delicate moment for Apple.

The product accounts for 60% of company revenues but in the last two-quarters, sales have fallen more than 15% over the same period of 2015, according to Tim Cook, president of the company, due to poor macroeconomic situation and fluctuations in dollar price. Apple also faces new problems in Europe.

Last week the European Commission ordered Ireland to recover up to 13,000 million euros, plus interest on taxes not paid by Apple considered due to the preferential status that the company has with the Irish tax authorities.

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