How to work from home Successful Entrepreneurs

1-Michelle Donahue Arpas

One of the most difficult things that a woman has to deal with at some point in her lifetime is related to harmoniously combining work and family. Being a mom is a great challenge for everyone and it is often dramatic for a mother to have to leave her baby home when going to work. Michelle Donahue-Arpas was one of those women who knew that once she had a baby, she wouldn’t be able to work in other way than from her home, where she could stay close to her child. This is why she thought of ways of earning income without having to leave her house.

Her story is one that can teach us how to become successful starting from a small idea as long as we are willing to put all our effort into it. Michelle did so and when she decided that she would start a baby gifts business, she focused on creating a website and she didn’t let any obstacle stay in her way. This mother’s advice is to never back down when there is something you really want to do and looks like this worked for her.


2-Melody Spier

We all want to live a balanced life, one in which we successfully combine our careers with the time we get to spend with our families and friends. This type of issue is even more important when it comes to being a mother and wanting to spend as much time as possible with the baby. Melody Spier found the solution to this problem by going in the direction of working from home. While she didn’t fully understood the advantages of this type of activity in the beginning, in time, she grew more and more satisfied with what she does and next to that, she grew more and more successful.

Because of her desire to get to spend more time with her family than at work, she became a virtual administrative assistant, a job that allowed her to stay at home instead of going to an office everyday. In the present, Melody is a successful woman working from home who considers that the hardest things are to know when to reply others with a “No” and to be able to complete activities before deadlines.

How to Work From Home – Successful Entrepreneurs Stories

3-Carrie Opara

The story of Carrie Opara is the story of a woman who wanted to get to spend enough time with her baby after she gave birth and also wanted to earn an income. However, success was not visible from the beginning, as she had to first deal with an unpleasant experience, that of trying a multilevel marketing activity that led her to losing money instead of earnings. This is when she started to search for reliable income sources that allow her to work from the inside of her house.

After long searches, she finally found a call center company that agreed to hire her as one of the operators that would call customers. In time, Carrie relates, she started earning as much as she was with the old job she had before giving birth to her baby. She advices to never ignore the fact that there are many similarities between working from office and working from home, as she considers this to be the only way in which one could properly benefit from the flexibility of working at home.

4-Vera Raposa

Vera Raposa’s story is a special one, as she wasn’t a mother that wanted to achieve success. Vera was already successful when she began working from home, but she wasn’t satisfied with what she was doing anymore. Besides this, she was attracted by the idea of spending more time with her children, an idea that is desired by everyone. This is what convinced her to sell the business she was running and start an online business. She admits that going from the success of her old business to the success other current online activity took quite a long time, five years, but she is very happy with the present situation and she strongly declares that she would make the same decision all over again.

Vera used to be a mother that had to stay in the office for the entire day, with the possibility of seeing her children only at night, when they were already sleeping. She thus describes her decision to work in online business as the best thing she had the courage to do.

5-Kristie Tamsevecius

Work is something we all enjoy doing as long as it provide us with satisfying levels of income and it allows us to enjoy time with our families. This is of high importance especially for mothers who just gave birth and want to watch their babies growing up and take care of them. Kristie Tamsevicius was a successful corporate marketing employer and, as she recalls, she decided on what is more important for her at some point and realized that giving up her job and starting to work from her home was the right choice for her to be able to properly take care of her son.

She started a greeting cards online business and also continued to use her marketing knowledge and experience to become a successful mother to be working from home. Her online business evolved and in time, Kristie also decided to help other women with children to find activities that they can undertake from their homes and that can bring them great achievements.


Being a mother is not simple, but it should not be too difficult either, as long as you have the courage to make the right decisions that will make you happy. This is the advice of this mother of two young children who chose to work from home in order to earn money. Ever since she gave birth to her older child, her main interest was to be able to spend enough time with her family and to avoid having to pay for child care. Writing was the best option for her and she chose to do this online, an alternative that allowed her to always be around her two kids.

Her story teaches us to understand that working from home is not simple either and that it comes with both pluses and minuses, but that it is surely the strategy to apply when wanting to work and spend time with the children. Focusing on the flexibility that working from home provides her with, she is more that happy with the choice she made.

Home Based Business Work Experiences

The narrator of this story is a man who used to have many jobs, being employed in more corporations and changing office after office as a consequence of his dissatisfaction with his lifestyle. He recalls the times in which he had to spend a lot of time to reach the office and then to get back from there and other unpleasant details related to work from the office. Our hero is now running a home based business and he gets to earn a generous income while managing the business from the comfort of his house.

If there is something we should learn from the story of this man is that working at home may seem as a weird and uncommon thing for many persons, but the advantages that it really brings are countless. The narrator advices all of us to go to the next level and strongly consider the possibility of being a dad that works from home.

6-Lynne Klippel

Lynne Klippel’s story is the experience of a successful woman that one day decided to start working from home for two main reasons: she wanted very much to get rid of the high stress levels that corporate business induced and she also wanted to spend more time with her children. Without really knowing how easy or difficult was going to be for her, she had the courage to resign from her old job and begin an online business. She is now one of the most appreciated career and life coaches and she doesn’t even have to leave her house to be able to run her business.
As a successful online business owner, Lynne’s activity involves discussions with other women who also chose this type of experience instead of that of working from an office. Mentioning her husband as her “business partner”, Lynne is a happy woman that managed to combine the time spent with her family with a successful career by working from home.


7-Jonathan Liu

The story of Jonathan Liu is the story of one of the few dads that are proud to be able to spend as much time as possible with their children, a possibility given by the fact that he chose to work from home. Father of a daughter and a son, he discusses about the advantages and disadvantages of working from home and about the status that a work at home dad has nowadays. Although he is aware of the fact that many people don’t think of him as of a successful man, he continues to be very satisfied with the way he chose to combine work with his family life.

In his case, his wife, a medical assistant, is the one that leaves the home for the work and he is thus the one that spends more time with the kids and works from home. While he admits that working from home is not always that simple with the children around, he still considers that this is the best alternative as it comes with far more advantages than disadvantages.


8-Lata Budhrani

Lata Budhrani is a mother that works from home in the field of graphic design for seven years, now running an online business meant to help other women who want to find alternatives that allow them to work from home. Living in India, she has contacts with online partners and friends from all around the world without having to leave her home. Although she already achieved success with her work related activities, she advices to never limit our dreams, and she is decided to continue developing her international online business.

She is the only one to be running the business, as she explains that she takes care of everything involving her website, from design aspects to support elements. She is very satisfied with doing everything on her own and with the fact that she was able to see her children grow next to her. This is the story of an ambitious woman who knew what she wanted and chose to work from home to obtain it.


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