how to overcome nervousness during presentation

Have you ever wondered how Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are able to give flawless presentations whilst launching new products and services? Company CEOs are some of the best public speakers in the world. But, they did not perfect the art of public speaking overnight. You will be surprised to hear that, some of the world’s leading motivational speakers were nervous in their childhood. As such, if you are looking for tips on how to overcome nervousness, you will find the information provided here in quite helpful.

Tips and Guidelines on how to overcome nervousness.

How to Overcome Nervousness

Steps to Overcome Nervousness

Tip #1 – Preparation

One of the reasons why most people fear speaking in public is because of lack of practice. Rehearsing your speech beforehand will enable you to appear calm and relaxed. You can do this whilst driving to and from work. Even though your mind may desert you on the eleventh hour, your lips and body will have known what to do.
Do not expect to overcome your fears overnight. It takes time and practice.

Tip #2 – Attention getter

You can overcome your fear and nervousness by memorizing an attention getter prior to starting your speech. You can use a famous quote and link it to your speech or you can crack a joke so as to establish a bond with your audience.

Tip #3 – Compassion for the Audience

Remember that the speech is not about you, but about the audience. By focusing entirely on the audience instead of yourself, you will be able to overcome nervousness.

Tip #4 – Recognize your fears

Anxiety is normally as a result of giving small things huge shadows. Therefore, you need to recognize some of your fears before a public presentation.

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Tip #5 – Be excited

Looking for how to overcome nervousness in public speaking ? There is no way you can excite the audience if you are not excited yourself. Prior to your presentation, think of something that really excites you, for example, a successful business deal or an interview that went really well.

Tip #6 – Be calm

Did you know that anxious people normally take short and shallow breaths? Hence, you need to project an aura of calmness plus confidence if you are to overcome your fear and nervousness.

Remember that there is nobody who was born a natural public speaker. Do not look for an instance solution on how to overcome nervousness, unless you want to be addicted to drugs. It takes practice to be a great public speaker.


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