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Craft making  is a fun activity for people of all ages, and has been brining like-minded people together for years. Crafting can be a solo activity, enjoyed with friends, or can involve the entire family. From easy do-it-yourself crafts to complex crafting- we have got you covered. How to Make Craft will help you find your creative side, with comprehensive resources to get you started.

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Arts and Crafts can be broken down into five main categories that are used to describe the various type of crafting options:


Textile Crafts

Textile Crafts include any type of craft in which you are working with yarn, fabric, or surface design. There are various types of crafting that are included in this category, and they include knitting, quilting, weaving, and dying. As you may have noticed many of the textile crafts could be included into decorative or fashion categories as well. However, they are considered textile crafts in their most basic forms until they are transformed into something beautiful.

Paper Crafts

As you may have noticed paper crafts include all crafts that focus on paper. From collages to origami- this category is fun for all ages. This type of crafting has been around for a long time, and has entertained people throughout the years. These types of crafts include origami, papier-mâché, calligraphy, and all papermaking.

Decorative Crafts

Decorative Crafts encompasses a large number of crafting options that are available to spark your creative interests. The decorative category includes furniture making, metalwork, stenciling, stained glass, gilding, spongeware, surface design, basketry, dried flowers, and toy making. As you can see on your path learning how to make craft, the decorative crafts encompasses a variety of crafting options.

Fashion Crafts

Fashion Crafts include all elements of clothing or jewelry that can be work on our bodies. This includes jewelry, hats, leatherwork, and garments. This craft type is sort of a hybrid category, as you will see many aspects of fashion crafts mixed with other categories such as textile. How to Make Craft has seen a trend in fashion crafts and it has become relatively popular.

Functional Crafts

Functional Crafts like fashion crafts is another hybrid category that can include other categories as well. Crafts are considered functional if they have an intended use other than art. For example, decorative pottery, plates, service platters, and furniture can be included in this category. How to Make Craft always promotes functionality in your craft

There are a lot of crafting resources throughout the web, but How to Make Craft has made it easy for you. We have pre-screened crafting websites to bring you the best on the web to assist you in completing your crafting project. Take a look through our site, and discover great resources to complete your projects.

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