how to clean your makeup brushes

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you utilize mineral foundation or mineral makeup it is significant for you to clean your makeup brushes at least once in a week. Also, you need to ensure that you cleanse your mineral makeup brushes the appropriate way so they do not start to lose hair or become misshapen. Thus, it is vital to know how to clean makeup brushes properly.

If you tend to apply your mineral makeup time after time using the same brush without even washing it, then you are in risk of suffering from acne breakouts.

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Significant Tips to consider

You may not see it, but factually dead skin or oil builds up on brushes each time when you utilize them, oily old brushes would make your mineral foundation powder look pasty. Usually, kabuki brush is used to apply mineral foundation and such brushes are made of squirrel hair, sable hair or goat hair.

The dome shaped hairs in this kind of brushes hold the minerals efficiently for a better even application. The animals are well groomed to get hairs, and this way there is normally no cruelty to animal.

However, not all kabuki makeup brushes are made using animal hair though; some are made using synthetic materials, it is imperative to know the material from which your makeup brush is made as this would aid to determine the method to utilize when washing.So must learn and share with your friend how to clean your makeup brushes naturally.

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Steps to follow

Bristle makeup brush, first you need to pour a bit shampoo, hand wash soap or antibacterial in bowl and add little warm water. Then twirl the water and soap together prior swirling your makeup bush bristles in soapy water.

Ensure not to soak or wet the handle. Keep swirling bristles in soapy water for 2 or 3 minutes. Empty the bowl and pour some warm clean water and then swirl the bristles in warm water for about a minute repeat the process and continue changing the water till it is devoid of the bubbles.

You have to ensure that you utilize only bit soap in the first step; otherwise you may find it to be soapier than what you desired and would require lots more rinsing as well.

Shake off the surplus water and simply lie it flat on the clean surface. Do not stand makeup brush when it is wet on the handle as water would loosen the glue holding your brush bristles in place.



If your makeup brush is made up of synthetic materials you have to be extra careful while washing as they could easily get misshapen and you will have to hold the bristles with the aid of rubber band prior following the aforesaid process as this would ensure that the bristles of mineral makeup brush keep their shape.

How effectively should it be cleaned makeup brushes

Take off the rubber band carefully when dry. Knowing how to clean makeup brushes in the right way is crucial. Make sure you clean your makeup brushes more often to make it free from oil and bacteria, and safe to use onto your face.



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