How To Choose The Right Daycare School For Your Child

When your child is old enough to be put in day care, you have to select the right day care school. As your child is going to spend time there, he needs to be in a safe and nurturing environment.

A day care center is somewhat like a play school, where you send your toddler to be taken care of during the day while you are busy at work. This way he or she also develops social skills early along with some degree of independence.

The Necessity For Day Care

You may opt for day for your child if you cannot afford to keep somebody to take care of your child at home, your work place does not have facilities for taking care of a small child and you need to work as well as see that your child is looked after. Some day care centers take full time care of your child and some do it only for a few hours a day.

You have to match one with your requirements. And you also have to check that the timings you can keep your child in day care are the timings you need for your work place.

What To Look For In a Day Care Center

  • The day center should be accessible to you – it should not be extremely far from your house and place of work.
  • It should have a good care giver-child ratio.
  • It should be accredited and have all the required licenses and be a warm and friendly place.
  • None of its staff should have any criminal records.
  • It should have a good reputation and adhere to all the prescribed safety standards.
  • The staff and children should look happy and there should be friendly interaction.
  • There should be a good mix of activities like story-telling, play time, creative activities and toys and games.
  • Everything should be neat, clean and hygienic.
  • Some day care centers expect you to get the food for your child, others provide the meals – see what you would be comfortable with.
  • The staff should be able to take care of medical emergencies, if any and if your child has any specific medical problems, you should make sure they know of it.

How to choose the right daycare for your child

Other Important Aspects

You should be able to talk to the person who manages the day care center in a comfortable manner and the staff, too, should be accessible to you. If there are particular people who are going to take care of your child everyday, you should get to know them and get and give feedback about your child.

Also make sure what are the other policies regarding if you come to pick up your child late and or your child is sick, will they still keep him or her or not (this also depends on how sick your child is). Some day care centers may not accept babies who do no use disposable diapers and if you feel strongly about this, you may have to look for another one.

If it is possible, talk to the parents of the kids in the day care – that way you will get a clearer picture of is workings and its environment. And if at any time you feel uncomfortable or your child is unhappy, just leave – go with your gut feeling. Your child is most important to you and he or she should not feel neglected or uncared for while in day care.


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