How To Get Rid Of Stinky Feet

Foot odor is the unpleasant smell that comes out of certain people’s feet when they take off their shoes. There are communities who require removal of shoes before entering houses or prayer places. Some members of these communities may have foul smell coming out of their feet and shoes or socks when they are exposed.

This poses a stinky feet situation in the entire place even after the party is over. Over a period of time efforts have been made to alleviate foot odor in our daily lives. In public transport system (road rail and air) the remedy to the disgusting foot odor has been addressed at length. Public offices have fallen victim of the awful smell in the air emanating from people’s feet and shoes.

How To Get Rid Of Stinky Feet

The main cause of foot odor is sweat. It should be noted here that sweat itself is odorless. However when our feet perspire under conditions of in adequate air circulation and limited ventilation they become moist. Consequently the moistness creates a favorable environment for a type of bacteria that naturally resides in the foot skin. The bacteria thrives and becomes very active as it devours the dead cells of the foot skin. It produces a bad smelling substance which we experience as foot odor.

Foot odor in the real world has been associated with poor hygiene. It is important for us all to frequently bathe and dry up our bodies well. Our body cleanliness goes a long way into emphasis on how to get rid of foot odor and other body odors. There are several home remedies that address the foot odor menace. A few examples are outlined below.

Get Rid Of Stinky Feet

Soak your feet in a warm solution of tea. The tannic acid in the tea has a drying effect. This will render the bacteria inactive. Soaking your feet in a solution of Epsom salt too will realize the same results.

Mix 1 tablespoonful of baking soda with a few drops of essential oils (clove or lavender). Blend the mixture well. Apply the powder to your feet and shoes. The baking soda is alkaline and creates an uncomfortable situation for the bacteria to thrive. Essential oils smell good and have antibacterial properties.

Odor eaters(foot powder, spray powder, shoe insoles and foot soap) are used extensively to control foot odor. Use the odor eaters as indicated on their packages for best results.

Limit wearing shoes made of synthetic fiber and nylon or polyester socks. These materials do not allow free air circulation thus making the feet perspire more. Instead wear leather or canvass shoes and cotton or bamboo socks in an effort to resolve the sweaty feet ordeal.

Apply shoe deodorizers as much as possible to enhance the elimination of foot odor.

Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes and socks every day. Buy more pairs of shoes as appropriate and be sure to rotate them daily.

If strong foot odor persist, seek recommendation of a doctor or podiatrist.


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