How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are the unwelcome guests, who know well how to stay longer in your home. They small flies appear in your kitchen, washroom, rooms, and every part of your home where they find unrefrigerated food.

They are also known as vinegar flies and lay more than 500 eggs daily which take only a week to get complete the life cycle and get adult soon. The rapid life-cycle makes it difficult to remove the irritating bug from the house, and everyone wants to know that how to get rid of fruit flies fast.

Difference between Gnats and Fruit Flies

Gnats and fruit flies look same because of the small size. However, it’s necessary to understand the difference between them, especially when you want to know the answer to the question that how to get rid of fruit flies in plants as different methods are used to kill them. Fruit flies are brown in color and have larger sizes than gnats. On the other hand, gnats are black in color and usually found in the plants.

Home Remedies to Kill Fruit Flies

There are some handy, affordable, and chemical free home remedies which not only kills the fruit flies but also pose no health risks to the family members.

Vinegar Trap: Vinegar trap is a popular method to kill fruit flies and many people eager to learn that how to get rid of fruit flies with apple cider vinegar. The process is based on the three steps:

Take one liter of water in a container.
Add one tablespoon of sugar, two tablespoon vinegar, and some soap in the bottle.
Shake the container well and place near the sink or area where you find the maximum number of fruit flies.

The fruit flies appeal towards the smell of vinegar and die immediately because of the presence of soap in the liquid.

Pour Bleach into the Sink: Pouring bleach into the sink is the best idea when you want to want to know that how to get rid of the fruit flies in drains.

However, don’t pour the bleach directly into the sink as it doesn’t give appropriate result and you’ve to lose a significant amount of bleach as well.

get rid of fruit flies

Red Wine Deception: Fruit flies are found in red wine and vinegar. One can opt the same method of vinegar trap for the red wine and kill the pest within a few moments.

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The combination of Milk and Sugar: The combination of milk, sugar, and pepper gives significant results. Take some milk, add one tablespoon raw sugar, and two tablespoon pepper in a saucepan. Shake the items well and simmer for ten minutes. Place the pan near the breeding area and you will observe that flies get drowned into the mixture.

Rotten Fruit Trick: Its an amazing and useful trick to rid of fruit flies in the bathroom. Place a rotten fruit in the container and cover it with a plastic sheet. To trap the flies, make some holes in the sheet. Repeat the method three to four times in a week to get optimum results.

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