how to get your ex back

A breakup can be pretty painful, especially if you two were seriously in love. Many a times, the heat of the matter makes you part ways but after all the fire was extinguished, you realize that breaking up was a mistake.

It’s natural to want your ex back in your life, but this gets very difficult if they have moved on with life, or worse; they are in a new relationship! Here are some tricks and tips to get your love life back on track.

1. For the boys out there:How to get your ex back when she has moved on to a new boyfriendcan be difficult but it’s not impossible. The first thing to do is to identify the root cause of your breakup and correct it.

Maybe you weren’t giving her enough time, or maybe you cheated. To make it up for it, you need to apologize and perhaps shower her with chocolates and a teddy bear; you know the women melt fast!

What’s better is to identify the weaknesses in her new relationship maybe via her best friend or someone close to the couple and make sure that when you get around to her you make her realize that you won’t do the same mistakes as her new boyfriend.

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How to get your ex back when she has moved on and hates you is going to be a tad tougher. First of all, find out the reason of that hatred and rectify it. Secondly, keep being persistent and don’t give up or throw a tantrum if she doesn’t agree. Last but not the least, take her down memory lane.

As soon as she recalls all the good time that you two had, you have hit a high chance of getting that girl back!If you want to know how to get your ex-girlfriend back when she has moved on with someone else remember: Never ever make the mistake of getting physical without her approval;

instead, make her emotional by reminiscing about your first hug or last date and when she allows lean in for a deep hug. Oh, that ought to bring her back!

2. For the pretty ladies:how to get ex back when he has moved on can be pretty troubling , but with the right amount of effort and charm you will have him head over heels in love with you all over again.

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First of all, do not send him emotional text messages or threats; they won’t do you any good.

You have to show him that you’re strong enough to handle it, but you also have to lure him back. Perhaps make him a little jealous by getting too close to someone else? Or better, you can have a complete hot makeover that’ll make him wish he still had you. While girls get emotional, boys get sensual. You’ve been with him; you know what makes him excited. You know what I mean right?

All in all, we hope that you and your ex get back together soon and you can laugh it all off!

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