Gene Wilder Passes Away

Gene Wilder Passes Away – Sad News

American actor Gene Wilder, remembered for starring in comedies like ‘Young Frankenstein’, ‘The Woman in Red’ and ‘No Squealing That You Do Not See’, has died at 83 years of age, as reported by the family interpreter.

Wilder, who reached his highest level of popularity in the 70s and 80s, suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for three years. The actor died at his home in the US city of Stamford.

His nephew, Jordan Walker-Pearlman, said in a statement that Wilder died from complications of his illness.

Jordan further said that their families feel “lucky” despite the outcome “because although aware of all the physical and emotional challenges these circumstances presented, Wilder never lost the ability to recognise those who were closest to him nor ever lost his personality”.

His real name was Jerome Silberman. He was born in Milwaukee in 1933 to a Russian Jewish immigrant couple.

Wilder studied acting at the University of Iowa and in Bristol in the UK before serving two years in the US Navy between 1956 and 1958. At graduation, he returned to the studio.

Gene Wilder Died

Charles Grodin, another co-actor convinced him to enrol at the Actors Studio.

That’s where he changed its name and from there, began working in the off-Broadway as Roots and The Complaisant Lover, for which he received the Clarence Derwent Award.

After several years in the theatre, his debut on the big screen was in the classic Bonnie and Clyde, Arthur Penn.

Among his titles is the first version in 1971 ‘Willy Wonka’, a novel by Roald Dahl and the ‘Chocolate Factory’, a film that was redirected in 2005 by Director Tim Burton casting the role by Johnny Depp.

He was nominated for Oscar twice; as Best Supporting Actor in 1968 by producers, and in the category of best adapted screenplay in 1974 for Young Frankenstein.

The actor married four times throughout his life and his current wife was Karen Boyer, whom he married in 1991.


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