Chris brown gets arrested

Rapper Chris Brown, who was already convicted of ill-treatment against his ex, Rihanna, faces justice for alleged attacks on a woman.

The Los Angeles Police Department has arrested the singer early on Wednesday after receiving a call from a female claiming to be threatened by the singer with a gun.

Before the arrest, Chris Brown hung himself on Instagram several in videos in which he recounted how the LAPD searched his home.

The artist’s arrest on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon has come today after Officials obtained a search warrant for the home of Brown in Tarzana, a residential area north-west of Los Angeles.

 Chris brown gets arrested today

Authorities received a call during Monday night from the woman who claimed that the singer had threatened her after an argument, after when she left the house and called the police.

Chris Brown, who remained at home while this was surrounded by agents and, released several videos on his Instagram profile in which he said he had done nothing wrong and those criticised Police action”.

“Good luck When you get a court order or whatever they need, they will come straight here and not going to see anything,” said the singer before his arrest.

He related his persecution with the movement ‘Black Lives Matter’, which highlights police violence relating to the persecution of blacks in the US.

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Over recent years, Chris Brown has faced several problems with the law. In 2009 he was convicted of assault and uttering death threats against Rihanna, his then partner.

Later, he violated his probation by assaulting a person in the city of Washington in 2013, an incident for which he was sentenced to one year in prison.

This summer, Chris Brown was denounced by the owner of a villa in Ibiza for the alleged non-payment of one week rental of the property and the damage caused to the furnishings during their stay.

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