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The Game Boy Advance gained much popularity because of its portability, and Nintendo presented several games after the first successful launch.

Every game was an improved version of the previous one with more functions and better user interface. Though, the library of the Game Boy Advance has capped off this year, but still there are many GBA games you have never played.

The article will briefly describe the best GBA games that you should play once in your life.

Ninja Five-O

Ninja Five –O was developed by Hudson and released in 2003. The public response was quite cold at the start, but later the game was played well and got popular because of its challenges.

It seemed that the game was inspired by the other games like Namco’s Rolling Thunder and Capcom’s Bionic Commando.

However, a side-scrolling arcade-style game gives immense fun to its players while the game lovers can still find it the used cartage market and enjoy the complex stages of the game.

best gba games online

Pokemon Ruby
The list of the best GBA games is incomplete without the addition of the beast GBA Pokemon. Pokemon Ruby was released in 2003 by Nintendo publishers while Game Freaks was the developer of the fantastic game.

Teenagers were the main targeted audience of the game who enjoyed the game to their fullest. The console of the game was like the Pokeman battle games which were well known for their advanced Pokeman GBA strategy.

Though the user interface wasn’t very impressive, the players enjoyed every stage of it.

Best GBA Games Online

Super Mario

Super Mario presented by Nintendo which was based on the two characters Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. The crying voices of Baby Mario can easily be recognized by the people who played the game.

The countdown starts when the baby Mario has to reach his destination while the game becomes very interesting when Baby Mario starts crying every time you get hit by someone. :’D

Metroid Fusion

The exciting game moves around the a character Samus who tries to fight and saves herself from the parasites.

The character takes some vaccinations which help her to fight against different pests and give her power to fight against them by using Metroid-like outfit.

Though the actual scenario seems quite weird, the funniest part of the game is the fight between a cat and a mouse. The game is equally interested today as it was once in 2003.

Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda released in 2005 by Nintendo and gained very positive response by the users because of its amazing graphics. The gameplay is very interactive which provide perfect user control.

It’s not wrong to say that Legend of Zelda is the best portable adventure game which lets you explore your adventure skills.

The best part of the game is the addition of the capability to contract and grow up in order to explore some actual mesmerizing results. The designers introduced great ideas in the game and took the adventure to the next level.

The Legend of Zelda: Can be rightly labeled the lone name that actually revitalized the complete series jammed it up to the notch that we see currently. The game got astounding appraisals from the famous producers and playerstherefore were introduced to GBA with some minor alterations.

How the game is played hasn’t been altered but with remarkable background composition and an enthralling plot, it is definitely cooler.

Your job is to safeguard the domain of Hyrule and duchess Zelda from the grip and grasp Malevolent Ganon. Tear your way with the blade or bombarddarts to assassinate your foes, and save the kingdom in this archetypal action-packed RPG.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is the only game that lets you be the villain and go on a rampage through the city. This game has made a big name and is still going robust with the most recent changes.

The gameplay on GBA is the same as it is in the original and people love it. It is a prologue to the plot of GTA III making it all the more worthwhile, if you’re a fan of GTA III.

FiFa 07

Fifa 07 accomplished to become a wonderful sports game on the GBA, even though players say that it is not as good as it is on other mediums.

The graphics were stumpyvalue and the gameplay was quiteplain, but it was one of the most thrilling games on the GBA that encompassed a lot of squads from around the globe and from diverseclubs.

Since it featured top players, it has always been a favorite of the kids who are fans of these players in real. There was no minute-to-minute commentary on the GBA formal so that is owed to the technical boundaries of the GBA.


This game has been loved and enjoyed by families everywhere as a board game that is not only amusing but educational. You can now relish this brainy game on your GBA and find out if you are reallydecent at vocabulary and brainpower or not.

The game is comparable to the original board game, you will be delivered with definite letters and you have to come up with diverse words by using the letters in your ownership. If you make good words out of those, you will get a higher score.

Super Donkey Kong

Super Donkey Kong is one of the chiefly rated and extremelyenjoyableplat formergames available for the GBA. This game has both Diddy and Donkey kongs.

You run through the lavishforests, assisting each other out, taking turns, and whippingand defeating the tiny wicked kremlings.

Your banana pile has been embezzled by the troublesomepint sizedkremlings and you have to efficaciously beat all the 40 levels in order to recuperate your beloved hoard. There is a lot of skipping action that needs to be done so that you can move from level to level and win it all.


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